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Franklydude 2020-09-21 09:00:59
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Q: Is there a video of this model in flight?

gefragt von twointhebush0111 auf 2020-08-14 10:44:04

Franklydude most likely not! It would not have a hope in hell of flying and that tiny direct drive motor would not have enough thrust to achieve lift off from I'd be very interested in a maiden flight too!

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Franklydude You should look at the receiver board inside to see if the elevator servo has broken or just disconnected from the control surface..... anyway, if you need a new one, you'll be best to get a whole new Rx board which is available on Banggood,

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Q: when thats available ??

gefragt von Adhie129 auf 2019-09-04 08:30:07

Franklydude Bangggood seem to have completely lost the plot and don't bother to audit their online catalogue...

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xoverstudio because it is miniaturized. the dimensions are noticeably different.Size: 18 × 10 × 2.6mm against the Size: 20mm*11mm*5mm (L *W*H) the weight is 0.8 grams, against the 6.2 grams of the other. its weight and dimensions make it perfect for use on drones, planes etc.

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Q: what is real capacity?

gefragt von Joker auf 2020-04-04 01:55:32

Franklydude Who the heck knows, it's clearly way too small to be 20,000mAH And despite me reporting this to Banggood, they refuse to remove the product or correct the specifications! Rubbish!

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Q: Where can I get replacement propeller for this little airplane?

gefragt von Franklydude auf 2019-08-29 04:30:30

Cre8ionz Also searching for a replacement propeller..

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Q: which geared motor do I need, is it A B or C from you list Thank you

gefragt von robertrollins auf 2019-10-27 09:55:30

Franklydude C motor is 7mm x 16mm, while B is 7mm by 20mm and A is a 8 x 20mm motor I would suggest the C or B are suitable

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Franklydude Thereceiver shown on the photos of the assembled unit does have a 2A Brushed ESC built into the receiver board. The receiver is listed on Banggood web site:- 2_4G-4CH-Micro-Low-Voltage-DSM2-DSMX-Compatible-Receiver-Built-in-Brushed-ESC

Gumbo 2019-05-11 16:05:54
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Franklydude to Van Gogh,, if it is "easy" as you say, please could you post where the electrolytics go, and what the switches do and how to calibrate it? PLEASE?

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Franklydude I think you can find 1.7gm servos with the tiny jst connectors which are JST-SH with 1mm pitch, But they are also available with 1.25mm pitch I guess which is "molex picoblade" looks almost the same but will not fit! HK 5320's come with the 1.25mm pitch plugs, But I think the HK 5320S may come with the 1mm JST, but it does not specifically say that on the HobbyKing web site... This one on BG web site says 1.25mm This one on BG website says 1mm JST The HK5320S are cheaper...

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Q: What's the material it's made from ?

gefragt von fchansa auf 2019-02-06 09:03:41

Franklydude Mine is made from 2.15mm thick depron... not 3mm

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