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  • 29/09/2015

    I took a chance on this, because I didn't think there was enough information in the description. I ordered the C version, with the 8x20mm motor, but unfortunately what arrived today was the A version, with 7x16mm motor, so the figures below are for the A version. I haven't powered it up yet, but I think it will be very suitable for an indoor slow flyer of the Vapor, Ember, Cub etc. style. With the 8x20mm motor probably something a bit bigger and/or faster. The prop has a diameter of 138mm, but no pitch marked. By comparing it with other props of known pitch I am guessing it is a 138x63 mm or 5425 inches. It came badly out of balance, but by taking tiny shavings off the heavy blade with a modelling knife, I eventually got it to balance perfectly. It is very light at 1.24g, and I don't think it would withstand a hard impact, but ideal for a slow flyer. The description says it has a .8mm hole, but when I measured the prop shaft, it is 1mm diameter. I tried pushing it into the prop and it is a very tight fit, but does go in. The gearbox is the usual two brass bush type, with plastic 9 tooth pinion and gear. I didn't count the teeth on the gear, but I'm guessing there are 54 giving a 6:1 ratio. The prop shaft is 27mm long with one end knurled for a length of about 8mm. I think the knurled end goes into the plastic nut provided, with the smooth end going into the prop, so you can remove and replace a prop without much trouble. Weight of the gearbox is 1.29g and of the motor 2.61g. Motor shaft is 1mm diameter. There is a square hole in the gearbox that I think is intended for mounting on the end of a square section carbon fibre rod, such as you might use for the fuselage of a very light slow flyer of the Vapor type. It looks as though it is a 2x2mm hole. It would probably be possible to mount the motor/gearbox other ways, e.g. with tiny cable ties or with glue. The proof will be in how it runs, but at this stage I think it's a very light and economical power plant for an indoor flyer, with flexibility in the choice of motor according to your intended use.

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  • 07/08/2019

    Great micro motor for ultra light aircraft under 4 ounces. It ships unassembled but assembly is easy. The propeller balance should be checked and corrected before use. The gear is a little noisy at low rpm but it smooths out at flying speed. I used one in a Guillow's Lancer airplane I converted from rubber power to electric motor and 3 channel RC. This motor and propeller provide more than enough thrust for this under 50 gram airplane.

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  • 26/09/2018

    Nice Motor....... Enough Thrust power to my DIY plane.....

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  • 12/12/2020

    Feine und leichte Slowflyer Antrieb Kit. Keine assy Anweisungen mitgeliefert, so sollten Sie sich das Bild gut, bevor Sie es zu montieren. Buchsen müssen gut ausgerichtet werden, sonst die Welle neigt zu Klemmen und laufen mit hoher Reibung. Mein Kit zieht 80mA bei 4.0V (bei 1s Lipo) und zeigt einige Vibrationen - wird die Requisite ausgleichen und dann sehen, ob es genug für meinen Indoor Flyer zieht...

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  • gozVIP3

    netter kleiner Motor muss man allerdings die Drosselklappe anpassen, um einen Startimpuls zu haben, sonst läuft der Motor nicht , ich habe es auf eine Mini-Beechcraft von banggood

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  • 14/10/2020

    schnelle Lieferung, perfekter Zustand, kann es kaum erwarten, Gebäude zu bekommen

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  • 08/11/2017

    this item is very good has super power i use for mini cessna airplain fly very good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOhNC9UEu_U&feature=youtu.be

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  • 27/03/2020

    Es erzeugt guten Schub mit wenig Strom. Aber die Requisite war völlig aus dem Gleichgewicht und erzeugte starke Vibrationen. Man muss es wirklich ausbalancieren. Ich wollte ihn auf meinem 35cm Segelflugzeug einsetzen, aber er ist zu groß und schwer. Der Racerstar 8520 Motor mit der KingKong 65mm Stütze ist die bessere Wahl - auch wenn die Strömung bei geringerem Schub wesentlich höher ist.

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  • 24/11/2018

    nice product but motor shaft is very tigh t and motor casing is very tight too you have to make that bigger to fit

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  • 31/08/2017

    Works perfectly fine for small indoor models.

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