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Q: which Lipos here on Banggood are a good fit?

gefragt von TorstenReise auf 2021-01-04 21:26:27

BG435736750 Look for 4S 1300-1600mAh with 90-100C rating. Tattu R-Line, Kratos, GNB, CHL should all be good

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FinnKatz These goggles are great. Nice big screen and easy to use. I upgraded the aerial on mine and it gave much better performance and distance on the picture.

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RRPM That really depends where and how you are flying. patch antennas are really good. but only if transmiter is in the direction to where the patch is pointing. Depending on the patch you should have ... Mehr zeigen

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ReyFPV I believe the tx12 uses potentiometer gimbals for both. While the t-lite has two hall sensor gimbals

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