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ArijitB@suraj sahu Yes,but somehow in the middle of May BG made a mistake and opened up the listing for India, Once I placed the order hoping it would get cancelled any day but instead the product got shipped...and finally arrived the exact model with great shockproof packaging, needless to say item received without any extra charges.

ArijitB 09/06/2024
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ArijitB No there is no suction cup at all, provided stand (shown in he the pic) are he the only one which comes with adhesive sticker which I doubt it can handle the heavy display - so only the practical solution is to bolt down the entire stand on top of dashboard (or some bracket which you need to source by your own).

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Q: What is the native resolution of this model? 1080p ? or just 720p ?

gefragt von ArijitB auf 2024-04-15 01:00:08

Vissie lessthan 720p and remember there is no settings for changing color or doing the brightness. Buy something else before throwing your money down the drain!

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ArijitB 11/12/2018
SMSL DP-3 is a unique product of its kind which is targeted for those audiences who have tons of unsorted offline High-Res audio at their local hard drive or home network attached storage. What I love this player about SMSL didn’t provide or limit the storage capacity like many premium brands do and charge the customer arms and legs for their proprietary eco-system. Where in this case of DP-3 the system is fully open. The approach is Bring your own storage we will help you to enjoy your tunes. At first when I came to know about this product I was pretty disappointed that all ports are at the back are output only and only input is Type-A USB, Micro SD and Micro USB (in DAC Mode) but later I realize DP-3 as stand as a dedicated source of an existing music setup and distribute music through Stereo Amp / Receiver or via Headphone Route all day without breaking sweat…. And boy it is extremely capable of doing its Job. As for today's norms, DP-3 can do any streaming service as via Bluetooth (tested Spotify/Amazon Prime Music) from phone or tablet but that can do by any cheap Apt-X BT streamer directly connected to the stereo receiver…Right? Well DP-3 shines when comes to play unorganized High Resolution (or Low Resolution) offline music files stored in the HDD which never see any action for a long time, now it is ready to play as matter seconds…. Thanks to Hiby Link to act as a remote control which will navigate music properties. People who love folder play and don’t have the time or care about playlist, find just right home with DP3. Needless to say this is the most used music device (as source) once it arrived. For the first time, I don’t need to charge any batteries after long usage or sorted music files and keep in check to the Micro SD card to load new files as I need to do my Hi-Res Daps. As of now only cons I found (1) In player time clock can’t read time or update itself from the Wi-Fi Signals (2) If the front LCD is off there is no way to know the player is running or not once the music stops, So there must be Power Indicator light helps or LED ring around volume control. (this is not a con) Speaking of volume control it can control the volume of the Line-Out port at the back so Power Monitor speaker can be connected which don’t have any volume control. Anyway, I don’t have any NAS so can’t comment on that, all the above from playing Hi-Res offline files from the HDD storage. Here is my hands-on overview video of SMSL DP3 ( ) and Sound Demo ( ) posted at YouTube.
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hansdeboer 12V2A Universal AC DC LED Strips Camera Adapter Power Wall Mount Switching Supply - EU Plug

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ArijitB 15/05/2018
As the title suggest this piece of Bluetooth Receiver Add the necessary functionality to the old AV Receiver or Stereo Amplifier. If the old amp support Coaxial or Optical In then the quality of sound extract from this equivalent to modern days Bluetooth Built-In AV Receivers / Amplifiers...even still many of them don't offer Apt-X codec which can be achieved by this product. This product shows as 'BLT-1' at the mobile device and sound is excellent - Very Clean and balanced even for non 'Apt-X' Bluetooth Source. I'm glad this offer Full-Size RCA Out / Coaxial Out / Optical Out - No need to hunt for expensive not easily available 3.5mm adopter...Thank You. Also, Box contained all the Accessories user should need to get started. Loved to see all Analog port and cables which provided in the box are Gold Plated - Thank You for bundling the Optical Cable in the Box. Great Sound Output over Analog RCA Output. Now, this product marketed as Home usage due to no inbuilt battery - I like to say this is a good thing because user doesn't need to worry about charge/discharge this gadget as well over time battery quality degradation. This product can be powered from any USB car charger or even can be powered from Car Stereo's USB port - also it is so light it can be hidden or mount with double-sided tape under Dashboard of a Car or can be hidden at Glove Box. For illustration purpose, I add a picture where it is used with provided cable in the box, It can be done much more professional way almost everything hidden from the plain line of sight. Once paired BLT-1 can automatically paired once detect Bluetooth Signal from the source device.
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