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Twasgob spark contoller won't work with this stack or air unit, fly sky will work with this stack but you need to add the radio receiver and then you shouldn't be buying the DJI version of this stack

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Q: new to fpv. is this cam and stak all I need to install to fly?

gefragt von Oren auf 2020-08-16 11:41:31

Twasgob the cam (air unit) is not included with this stack. you need this stack, 4 motors, frame (with xt60 connector), battery, and props. if you have DJI goggles and controller then you need DJI air unit or caddx DJI compatible cam. if you aren't using DJI then you need radio receiver for drone, radio controller, and camera and goggles that will work together.

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Q: Does it support SpeedyBee bluetooth app?

gefragt von gelmes auf 2020-07-29 11:28:44

Twasgob yes it does, I just used it, no need to drag your laptop with you for easy tuning.

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