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Q: Can this be supplied with a UK / Irish 3-pin plug instead of the EU plug?

gefragt von BG131181334 auf 2020-12-24 03:36:32

Jase2k9 contact support. ask if none eu plug availability two pin plug can be cut use a 3amp plug

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Q: Can I use Canal Digitaal app?

gefragt von wvangoch auf 2020-12-26 12:32:43

Jase2k9 yes is a work around has this tv has googleplay is limited will not download apk useing browser because is not supported method 1 useing fx manager apk whats available on limited googleplay store this apk has box google drive & dropbox sign in to google drive use mobile download aptoid share to google drive on mobile to upload content use fx manager select uploaded contents will download to tv method 2 use otg memory stick in mobile or pc laptop download aptoid apk to memory stick plug in tv usb use file manager search storage device select aptoid aptoid apk has canall digital can download filelinked useing these methods filelinked will sideload to tv

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Jase2k9 googleplay pre installed is not cpu 64bit is only 32bit

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