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yazansarsour 04/03/2018
lets keep in mind through out this entire review that the price is very low and attractive. does this item do the job? yes it does, and it has plenty of features, but the general look is a cheap built with some sharp points here and there. the gyro works as an air mouse, but it is frustrating, it is not as precise as expected. the keyboard: I bought the Arabic version so I can use both Arabic and English for typing, but in order to change the input language, you have to navigate into a specific page in the settings, which is impractical and way more complicated than I expected.not all Arabic charterers are printed on keyboard buttons, for the missing ones, you have to guess their location within the shift function. lastly, turning My Android TV Box on and off; when the device is off you have to switch the remote to the IR mode, press power, and then switch back to wireless mode. this process is kinda frustrating, although I'm aware that it is a technology limitation (at least the power button must work wireless and IR every time pressed). those were the cons. now the pros of this remote. there are too many features packed in it. the idea of having both IR and wireless connectivity is brilliant, topped by the ability to learn IR commands from the old remote, that was really great. I love having playback control buttons (Play/Pause) right on the remote. this is my first time using an air mouse, and I'm not quiet happy with it (I didn't try a more precise one), using a traditional mouse is way more natural and easier to navigate. I'd love it if they have integrated a scroll wheel into the (OK) button (the scroll wheel on the traditional mouse is precious).
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Q: i need spare parts😩

gefragt von yazansarsour auf 2020-08-20 02:58:24

Rafim Search a252 parts on the website,if not enough,you can provide part number and name here

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Q: Is this a good gift for birthdays?

gefragt von maverick auf 2019-07-29 07:05:38

yazansarsour it is great as a gift, but the person to whom the gift will be given must know how to control rc cars, or at least willing to learn. it is not a toy, its hobby grade

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Q: is the cable micro USB or USB type C?

gefragt von yazansarsour auf 2019-03-25 02:37:08

Fanmy micro

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