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Q: c est compatible avec tous les moteur brushless 1/8?

gefragt von BG619544732 auf 2021-09-06 12:01:00

gedaymate thay will fit 5mm motor shaft

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gedaymate there are no wheelie Bars that will fit straight on

2023-10-28 05:39:44 Hilfreich (0)
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gedaymate 52x43x42 check item descriptions always will give you dimensions

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Q: encaixa no fu 03 cara?

gefragt von Luciano auf 2023-09-05 09:18:54

gedaymate as long as you're one is 5 wire

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Q: hi these RC can suitable for below part?

gefragt von BG411841414 auf 2021-01-22 06:32:45

gedaymate yes thay are the same

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Q: what else will I need to put this in an Arrma outcast exb?

gefragt von BG443462111 auf 2023-09-09 04:25:51

gedaymate I would get a program card with it as well that is it cheers

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Q: Why does it have two PC links?

gefragt von changdolli auf 2019-10-10 10:08:59

gedaymate dual output for batteries not PC link

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Q: would this fit on a JLB 1/10 scale 21101 model?

gefragt von BG511556555 auf 2023-08-31 12:17:58

gedaymate thay will but you will but you will have to make spacers for the top shock holes so look into it

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Q: can i use the 3100kv motor with a Dilwe 120a ESC on 3S ?

gefragt von BG403622131 auf 2023-07-27 05:05:28

gedaymate yes it will but recommend putting heat sink and fan to keep it cool

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Q: O drone tem certificado ce?

gefragt von Acewolf auf 2023-06-15 06:27:24

gedaymate not to shaw what you mean by certificate mine had no certificate's

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