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PatricB 2019-02-09 05:33:41
I have no experience with this kind of product, only over the ears wireless and wired headphones of different quality and a bunch of regular earbuds. I tested with a Sony XZ1 compact. Sound quality is quite good: lots of detail in the highs and good bass. It does not really sound exciting, but definitely not cheap or thin. Latency feels low. Build quality wise it also feels nice and sturdy. The earbuds snap in magnetically firmly and the lid also seems to be kept shut magnetically. They charge quite fast and seem to last for a decent amount of time. I have only tested them for a day so I can't say more about battery life. When you pair them the right unit pairs and the left one rides along. It identifies as the right unit and also tells the battery level in 10ths of percentage. When only the left unit is activated you need to pair it separately. Pairing is seemless on my BT5 phone. Connection made it through a good layer of concrete and is good and stable. The lights on the units flash blue every second or so and is quite noticeable in the dark. I think i'll put a dark marker over it. I'll probably never test the water resistance part. The units actually go in your ear and block outside noise. I don't particularly like this my self (don't try to eat a cookie and listen to music) but it makes the units work less hard sound pressure wise and the volume can also be soft and loud enough for my taste. The volume can not be controlled on the units but the mechanical button can pause, play, skip and answer/end calls. While making a call it uses the mic in the right unit unless only the left unit is in use which apparently also has a mic on board. A nice product to keep in your pocket and not be depressed about losing €180 if you break one. To sum it up: - Good quality for money - Sturdy - Good (enough) battery life - Nice finish, does not look or feel cheap - Nice fit - Blinking LED a bit the bright Recommended!
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