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simian 2018-01-21 10:38:46
Conclusions after 1 week of use, and some technical tests: 1/The frequency range is not exactly as advertised (see images) When checking with an oscilloscope I measured the following base frequency sweeps: -setting 1 from 13.8kHz to 19.7kHz -setting 2 from 15.7kHz to 24kHz (human hearing ranges to about 17,5/20kHz) -setting 3 from 25kHz to 43kHz I bought this to scare away cats so initially used setting 2. The frequency however is audible for adults and the sound experienced as painfull for some children. As setting 3 ranges from 25kHz to 43kHz and cat hearing goes up to about 65kHz, this should work as wel and I started using setting 3 in stead of 2. This is not audible for children any more and it appears to also keep cats away. 2/The supplied batteries don't hold the 800mAh charge as specified but only about 450mAh. Also their NiCd chemistry will suffer from memory effect so I replaced them with 2100mAh NiMH Eneloops. After 5 rainy days, the eneloops lost about 410 mAh of charge, so the original batteries would only have survived this long without recharging. 3/The casing seems water tight with rubber sealings for the battery compartment and in between the main casing. The weak point will be the screws for the battery compartment that already show some signs of corrosion after 5 days of rain. 4/The setting button doesn't properly align with the numbers on the casing. Take care when selecting a setting, and check by looking at the red activation LED. All in all a good buy for its price. It has its flaws but -for the time being- (after 1 week of use) it appears to prevent the cats from using the driveway as their toilet.
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