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Stefan73 2018-04-10 03:50:36
Tested the GNBmAh 1500 120C with some high performance flights on my FPV race quads. As expected the claimed C rate is non-sense. There is no constant 120C (=180A) draw possible. Even 180A punches are not realistic. The batteries though perform quite well and I would put them at the same line as the CNHL 1500mAh. Repeated punches at 100-110A for 3 to 4 seconds are possible. Typically at the third or fourth punch, you will drop below 14V but still safely remain above the critical 12V (3V per cell). Nice is the detachable balancer cable, which should really become standard on all lipos. Summed up reasonable battery for the money. There are higher performance & lighter options on the market but you will have to pay 30% more.
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