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Viper 2017-03-21 18:17:30
I recently purchased this FPV all in one ground station and am impressed with the layout, the screen & the diversity receivers. Even with the supplied vertical antennae the reception range is more than acceptable. The DVR function however is another matter and installing the PAL firmware upgrade actually seems to make it worse. Using PAL format the recorded image is chopped off loosing a lot of telemetry data, works fine in NTSC mode. Regardless of what I do, if I record longer than 4 minutes the video file freezes and all subsequent files do the same till record is turned off and back on, then OK till you exceed 4 minutes again. Not a lot of use with most flights going closer to 30 minutes. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will be released soon to rectify as the recorded image is actually quite acceptable till it freezes. I would rate the Screen function 4.5 stars but the current DVR function 1 star at best.
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  • Banggood   Dear Viper, Thank you for choosing Banggood and sorry for the product couldn't satisfy you. In our attempt to serve you better and retain you as one of our valuable customers, please contact our customer service representatives by sending an email to We would highly appreciate if you could send us all the information listed here below: 1.Some photos of the shipping label, which can be found on the external side of the package; 2.The SKU number of the products you received. You can find this information on the label placed on the item itself; 3.Some photos or video to show the entity of the problem; 4.The order number and the product ID. Looking for your kindly reply. Have a nice day.  

    2020-12-04 06:10:14
  • Viper Just an update, Pal software update works fine but you need to make sure camera is configured correctly and switched on BEFORE switching on the LCD5802D. Only real issue with this otherwise great product is that 13 minutes is the maximum record time for a file. If you stop record and restart BEFORE the 13 minute limit is reached all files record fine. No doubt someone will eventually come up with an updated firmware. Bangood offered me a partial refund to cover this problem. A1 service.

    Antwort 2017-04-14 01:25:38
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