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Q: is this the iplay 40 H or pro

gefragt von Jooonz auf 2022-06-29 12:57:58

Peter200771 its Pro the H its cheaper in price as far as i can see

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Q: can this work with rgt EX86120

gefragt von Jooonz auf 2022-01-07 02:34:20

BG351738321 Please contact the customer support.

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Q: does this esc only allow forward movement?

gefragt von Jooonz auf 2021-06-30 05:37:49

JzG123 program it, you can yse the ezrun programming manual.

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Q: will this fit the fs racing victory

gefragt von Jooonz auf 2021-12-04 00:05:37

The seller Yes,this upgraded part can fit for fs 53631 victory truck

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Q: this item is not available for over 6months

gefragt von Jooonz auf 2021-11-16 03:44:24

The seller Sorry for the uncomfortable experience from this product,you can ask for cancel,thanks for your support

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