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TonBG248126253 Your question needs and should be clarified with 1 or more photos, please, in the standard box the inverted socket is with its lever locked.

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Q: can i reduce a DC power supply from 10v to 5v?

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martalex513 Why?

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Q: can you test the alcohol grade if i deep it in alcohol?

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alwino1969 Stupid question

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TonBG248126253 I'm not sure if your question is about the "3 x NE555 Pulse Frequency Function Adjustable Cycle Module" As it has only 3 pins, VCC - GND - OUT, the other 8 pins are for 4 working frequency s... Mehr zeigen

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Q: so where do i get the controler?

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TonBG248126253 I learned, just like you, that some manufacturers do this, incomplete products, even writing in the description what it is, placing images of items that are part of what is being sold, this creates co... Mehr zeigen

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Q: what are the last 2 digits?

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The seller Thank you for your consultation, if we are not able to respond to your questions in time. You can contact our online customer service.

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