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CyrusMonroe 24/03/2021
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CyrusMonroe You have to choose the picture on the page on PC and Mobile. Either one or the other. There are 2 pictures you choose either or, you DO NOT get both in 1, unless you chose 1 of each. If your page does come up with it being greyed out, up your brightness. Cause there is a SELCECTION.

2022-07-23 07:43:36 Hilfreich (0)
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CyrusMonroe It does not have a heater, for how small it is the reservoir is just too small, use hot water if you need to, or a warmed up solvent with hot water. But frankly using room temp distilled water with little bit of alch, and window cleaner(windex type) has been working great for me. I use it for Resin Cleaning parts, and Jewelry-watch cleaning, and it work great for it. Your mileage may vary but heater isnt needed as it is just too small of liquid to care about cause you are going to want tot dump it after a few cleanings, i had to dump after 1 one time, cause it got too dirty.

2022-04-12 07:15:24 Hilfreich (2)
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