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Q: Hi, I have a RadioMaster TX16S. Would be fit in this case? Thanks!

gefragt von jpinhas auf 2020-07-05 10:34:33

simole88 With the handle of RadioMaster TX16S this case does not fit. If you have a RadioMaster TX16S choose another storage case....

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Q: What battery connector is on this XT60 or 30 ?

gefragt von Fontie auf 2020-06-13 04:58:49

simole88 XT30

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simole88 2020-06-15 17:46:44
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Q: have Mode 1?

gefragt von dr-phi auf 2019-01-27 12:00:34

simole88 The Glider XK A800 comes with radio in Mode 2. But, if you have a multi protocol Radio (like Jumper T8SG plus) you can bind the model with your Radio in your preferred mode.

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