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Tassos 17/06/2022
This is a nice starter boat, reasonably priced. It is stable, fast (40-45km/h depending on battery and conditions) and easy to handle. Size is nice, as well as the graphics and it has enough space to add a telemetry/fpv system. Furthermore, the hull is well designed, sturdy and fully waterproof. Although plastics are of decent quality the surface has some minor mark-defects. The cooling system functions as it should, the boat operates smoothly thanks to its strong motor with flex shaft and has reverse, low-voltage and out-of-range alarms. In addition, everything that is needed comes with the box (the boat ofcourse, radio control, battery, charger, manual that is usable, tools, extra propeller and stand). On the downside it must be noted that it requires some ballast (counterweight) on the opposite side of the battery because it leans towards the left, its run time is short (no more than 6-7 minutes at full speed), the charger does not include an EU adapter, the quality of the tools is low that are practically usuless and lastly there is no information on the servo and ESC specs. Regarding the 2.4GHz radio control, it is very basic, it feels very cheap and plasticky, throttle is too steep and lacks functions such as end points etc. Finally, most navigation parts (propeller, rudder, fins, etc) are made of plastic. Concluding, I would recommend this boat as it is. However, for more advanced users I strongly advice to at least replace the radio control and add counterweight. P.S. The package arrived in one week from CZ. Once again it arived damaged (see image No8), fortunately the boat and its components were intact thanks to the good packaging from the factory.
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Tassos No,it won't. This device is a monitor with an embedded 5.8GHz analog signal receiver. To receive this signal you need a 5.8GHz analog signal transmitter (VTX). DJI Phantom uses either 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz analog signal which is conveyed DIGITALLY, thus requiring a device that can receive 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz digital signal (e.g. modern smartphones, tablets).

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Q: what is the connection type on the monitor? is it sma or rp-sma?

gefragt von Enrico Strauss auf 2019-04-08 07:13:34

Tassos Female RP-SMA

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Q: what are the dimensions?

gefragt von John Henderson auf 2019-09-27 09:20:42

Tassos When sunscreen is closed: 124mm x 75mm x 27mm (Width x Height x Thickness) When sunscreen is open: 124mm x 75mm x 85mm (Width x Height x Thickness) These are the dimensions of the outer case.

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