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bucherb I was asking myself the same question, and to me the title is very misleading, as by reading the technical specs I can't find anything that says that this watch has a solar chip to recharge the battery.. it would be a technical challenge anyway to have an LCD or transflective display that would allow to capture solar light thru the display to hit a solar cell to recharge the battery.. That sounds just deceptive marketing trick..

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Q: when will be the black colour in stock ?

gefragt von BG575316481 auf 2020-11-18 06:37:07

llumac At the moment it is not available in black. We expect a prompt restitution in all colors

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Q: hi do you have any idea when this product Abe in stock again?

gefragt von BG231016441 auf 2020-11-11 02:15:31

llumac This model is Restocking. It will be available soon.

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Q: does the watch come with a magnetic charging device?

gefragt von Landrover auf 2020-11-02 10:32:04

llumac If it comes with the corresponding cable in magnetic mode

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Q: why is this plastic now, the last one I got was all metal

gefragt von homer_tbh auf 2020-10-10 01:59:27

llumac The metal one was more expensive, but in any case, according to the country, this type of metal defense is prohibited, therefore metal would not be viable to sell this product

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Q: Have a NFC?

gefragt von llumac auf 2020-04-05 11:36:10

carolfs No

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Q: Esse smartwatch exibe mensagem de whatssapp?

gefragt von Mauricio Nakano auf 2020-08-27 12:59:37

llumac Yes, whatsapp messages are received, but it is necessary to have the phone and the clock linked by bletooth for them to communicate. It only shows the header and who sends the message, to fill it out and answer it you have to do it on the smarthone. Sim, são recebidas mensagens de whatsapp, mas é necessário ter o telefone e o relógio ligados por bletooth para que possam se comunicar. Só mostra o cabeçalho e quem mandou a mensagem, para preencher e responder tem que fazer no smarthone

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Q: Which i Phones will it work with?

gefragt von terrymhill auf 2020-07-23 08:23:59

llumac All devices that incorporate the Wireless charging function are of the brand that they are.

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Q: Hi Bangmegood- can you turn it “ON” so it stays on long time? Xie xie

gefragt von BG103253983 auf 2020-06-27 10:32:53

llumac You can leave it ON for a long time, but the usage time will depend on the times it lights up, as well as on whether it does not light up, that is, if it is not activated it will stay for longer, the 3 batteries it uses AA and they are available from various powers, if you incorporate 3800mAh 1.2v. it is evident that they will last longer, if they are in a place that is constantly activated such as a hallway they will last less, but if they are in a place such as a wardrobe that It is less usable because they will last you longer. In my case it is more or less 15-20 days with a daily use of 5 times or more in a room and inside a closet it can last you more than 30 days, always ON I don't think it will take more than 7 days, but always It will depend on the number of times it lights up and the power of the batteries. You notice it in the intensity of the lighting that decreases depending on the use given. For a use I always recommend the one that plugs into the network, lights up in the dark and turns off with the light ID: 1156217

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Q: can I have owner's manual in the web? were

gefragt von levertovy auf 2020-06-17 09:43:14

llumac The manual goes in each case of the device, but its operation is very simple and easy. You have to install the FUNDO App found in Google Play, once installed connect the phone's bluetooth and pair the devices, once linked the smartphone's watch will be adjusted with the wristwatch and we already have it running, through the clock menu scare the different parameters and functions. Obviously you first have to insert the battery into the watch and charge it fully. Keep in mind that if you insert a SIM you can receive and make calls, but due to its small battery for a conversation it will be exhausted, that is, it is for an emergency or message it is very useful, to supply the phone no. a greeting

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