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mcmario3006 Alwayson disply: Open the watch menu - SETINGS-DISPLAY-AOD clock, after these steps you choose between: SHOT DOWN, DIGITAL CLOCK, ANALOG CLOCK. To upload images: Via smartphone application. You need to install the FitCloudPro app from the Google store or similar on your device. You launch the application and connect to the watch. In the Application, enter the menu and find the option Booklet or List of clock wallpapers. In that option, you have a series of wallpapers that will slowly load into your phone app, and the first one in the series with the pencil mark has the ability to upload an image and the ability to customize. Good luck and best regards.

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Q: How to use Accessories Set

gefragt von mitarrobert auf 2022-02-20 12:48:38

Gus I have read many things about the usage of this accessorries set. Basicaly, the only thing that you you have to do is glue the tires because if don't glue them the rc car will not be able to run at all. They will coma off from the first run! So when you will done glue them the you simply unscrew the old tires and then screw the new ones! Then you are ready to run! I hope that my answer will be helpful!!!

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