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اشرف فرحات محمد I bought the same screen I received the goods from 3 days was installed but unfortunately where the manufacturing defect was installed camera but it does not work on the screen with me back and installed another camera but there is the same problem and the boy told me that there is a mistake in the screen does not recognize the camera and told me must Speak the company in order to send you software or the definition of the screen on the camera from them and indeed the problem has been reported by Messenger, but to no avail and there is no application in the icon to return the goods and the problem that you follow the goods in the Middle East, although you do not have a customer service speaker in Arabic I do not recommend any D deal with me this store because they are infected and I will damage this product and throw it in the garbage basket I advise everyone not to deal with this electronic store

MLimana 05/11/2019
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اشرف فرحات محمد الكاميرا الخلفيه اشتغلت معك لأن مش شغاله معي المهندس بيقول عايزه سوفت وير من الشركه يا ريت لو تكرمت تعرفني ازاي شغلت الكاميرا

khalid 27/11/2019
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اشرف فرحات محمد يعني المنتج حلو فيه كاميرا خلفيه وكيف رؤية الكاميرا افدنا الله يخليك

Abumishari 05/10/2019
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