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Markgettingfucked@robsontga Do you know how heavy it is with battery inside,249gm or less in the USA or you basically have to learn how to fly Airplanes and pass test,pay for test if you don't pass first time and when you do pass ever year pay additional money just to fly a drone,and Remote ID Let's anyone who doesn't like you figure out when you are flying Where you are at in the sky and I definitely has someone tell me they got my DJI MAVIC MINI WITH A HARD FULL OF MARBLES ALL THIS ADDS UP TO,FUN IN EMPTY,I SHOULD NOT BE STUDYING,PAY LEFT AND RIGHT AND THEN THE SAFETY REMOTE ID LAW MADE ME LOSE BEST ,Most Expensive,and Last Drone For A long time

DJEDUZS 25/10/2020
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