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Q: That is one seriously ugly plane Eachine. It looks like its made from lego

gefragt von scousethief auf 2020-09-01 02:40:00

PaulT @nuhbiwan - you realise your answer is also unwanted and not related either.

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zotm_Bigdogge I have a brushless motor ready to mount. Just waiting for Bang Good to ship the replacement fuselage and wing, gear reduction drive and plus a spare brushed motor to steal the brass pinion gear from, so I can build a second plane with it and not have to cut up my first Eachine P-51. I also have a tiny direct-drive outrunner to try....haven't decided which to use yet. Been waiting a month so far for the parts ordered in December (Jan 31 today)...slow as sin.

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scousethief You can split the body along it's length easily, if you are careful you will never know it had been opened

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scousethief This is now DeviationTX and Opentx Multi-Protocol Module compatible.

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DCRC this one is toy grade .. no proportional steering or throttle.. inside is plastic

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Q: what is lbs?

gefragt von tfortitan11184 auf 2019-08-25 07:20:45

scousethief Lbs is a method of clarifying weight, pressure or tension. Some heathens use kg but thankfully they are a dying breed, thankfully the vast majority can convert one to the other in their head the ones who cant work at Mcdonalds.

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Q: Don't buy.

gefragt von 6prop auf 2018-10-10 10:02:36

scousethief Some of these boards have a fault ......when connected to a battery the little diode/thing marked W8 ( underneath the grey inductor marked 4R7 ) shorts/blows and completely screws the board. I have returned nearly 30 bought from various vendors. ALL exhibited the exact same fault and all were refunded without question.

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scousethief 2019-01-23 13:55:36
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