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Q: Where can I find spares for this specific deerma DX700s? Thanks

gefragt von ThomasGR auf 2019-09-30 01:52:12

Chris_V1984 browse the categories and you will find. or type in search what are you looking for

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Q: please confirm is it wired or cordless ?

gefragt von khames auf 2019-09-09 04:51:54

Chris_V1984 it is wired

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Q: Hi, Is there any manual who to setup the remote control?

gefragt von Chris_V1984 auf 2018-01-18 02:28:54

Snoutwolf23 How to recognise a master/slave transmitter: Master: if you press any key of a master transmitter, the LED flashes before becoming steady. Slave: if you press any key of a slave transmitter, the LED goes on immediately with steady light.

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