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Q: What is it?

gefragt von Graham auf 2020-10-09 05:08:50

jeffj Think of it as the ESP32 version of Raspberry Pi. This is a $12 USD gadget that when combined with a PS2 keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor, you can relive the early days of computing, with emulations of some of the very first personal computers to be sold. I bough a Commodore VIC-20 back at the time they were first being sold and William Shatner was doing the commercials for it. I kicked myself when I missed out on Altair and Sinclair offerings. Some notes here: While you might be able to use USB to PS2 for either a keyboard or a mouse, you can't put two USB adapters side-by-side. There is not enough room between the two ports. I had no PS2 devices so I found the cheapest PS2 keyboard and mouse I could. Newer monitors might not have a VGA port, but many TVs still do. Make sure to check these out before you go all in. But I expect this will be a lot of fun to tinker around with.

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Q: can i flash the chip with tasmota firmware?

gefragt von YiannosCy auf 2020-08-17 06:57:17

Graham buy one and let us know.

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Q: whether we need to program this device?

gefragt von muhammedrazi070 auf 2018-03-16 01:58:53

Graham Can it be Tasmotized?

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Q: Can this be used safely with multi celled lipos?

gefragt von Graham auf 2020-08-19 08:08:46

tedhancock68 It's important to note that the MOSFET is a cheap fake. The moment I started discharging a 4S battery, the transistor caught fire and released a lot of toxic smoke. When I examined it later, one of the leads just fell out of the casing. It had completely melted inside. BG says they'd send a new one weeks ago and I still haven't seen it. In the meantime I ordered an authentic FET so I can fix it before it tries to burn down my house again.

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Q: Is this switchable between 5V and 3.3V on the RX/TX pinouts?

gefragt von Graham auf 2020-09-19 06:54:46

Chris It certainly is. The output voltage is selectable by the jumper next to the pins.

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Graham After using it quite a bit, it went out of sync with the app but was easy to get re-sync it. Also found that the app stores all my times and gives number of moves and moves per second. Still liking it very much.

Graham 2020-06-06 08:56:02
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Graham Have now discovered Scenarios in the Blitzwolf app (includes multiple button presses) that can be mapped to any speech command in Google home or Alexa using Routines. It just gets better. All the regular stuff like channel up, mute, BBC1 can now be done with more natural commands like "Alexa, Channel three please".

Graham 2020-06-22 05:29:25
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Graham Apparently not through Tuya anymore. They no longer do IFTTT.

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Q: will you ever send the cubes, or will you refund me??

gefragt von kovbenc auf 2019-11-10 07:25:57

Graham Mine took just under 3 months to the UK.

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