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Crapkin yes

2020-09-03 02:14:17 Hilfreich (1)
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Q: There is no manual in the box, can you send me or is there one online?

gefragt von abernardo auf 2020-06-30 01:10:21

Josh Hi,Sorry for the late response - but I actually just used the DumboRC reviews o Youtube to learn how to use it. I haven't looked for manual online as well.

2020-07-13 04:51:37 Hilfreich (0)
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Q: how many shafts does this kit contain I see 8 would that be correct?

gefragt von BG131456462 auf 2020-07-09 12:40:21

Josh Hithere, sorry for the delay response - Yes there are 8 shafts in the kit. It also has sufficient fasteners and studs to complete the installation.

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