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cristifl TBS Tango 2 is 160$. Jumper T-lite Crossfire nanoTX = 133$, so this would be the cheaper solution. And it will support 1Watt of Crossfire power, if you need to fly a rocket to the moon :)))

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cristifl There is high chance that it has a bearing in the top part and bronze sleeve on the bottom part. Just like the betafpv 0802 motors. For now, the only 0802 motors with double bearing might be the Xing , but those are taller and heavier than these.

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Q: will 9inch props fit on this frame ? I would like to fly with 9 inch props

gefragt von jelle.sarita auf 2018-10-08 02:04:13

cristifl On youtube people are fitting 9inch props to XL8 clones. The clones are trueX, this is squish X. The distance between front and back is 218mm which means 8.58 inch . This is the max prop size.

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Q: Are the lenses M12 ?

gefragt von cqcnc auf 2019-05-16 04:01:39

cristifl No, they're M8 lenses. It's not enough room for M12.

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