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BG183217411 Full details can be find in description.

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MrMamos if you have electric setup you can connect the ESC 3pin plug to receiver and plug the battery to esc . if you have glow - gas add any battery pack to receiver from 4-8V max (CHECK POLARITY CORRECTION)

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Q: How far the distance can go.

gefragt von BG231054212 auf 2020-03-16 09:09:48

BG531141751 300meter outside

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Q: Which button for arm, didarm And which button to go acro./air/angel Mode.

gefragt von BG231054212 auf 2020-06-14 10:14:14

Foxdominic07 They’re asking about settings and modes, so arming and disarming motors, what controls different flight modes etc

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