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Benji 2018-04-10 20:14:17
Review from someone who's NEVER used alcohol markers before. Tested on day on receiving markers. (see image attached) I didn't post pictures of the pens as it's all been shown already. -I found they blended really well and was able to get some smooth blending of colours, though I was NOT using blending card of any kind, I was using regular printer paper (paper that is notorious for not being the best for high quality art!) I struggled with some aspects with the Markers, but I believe that's largely due to my inexperience with alcohol markers and not using appropriate paper, but still very happy with how the colours came out, I wasn't expecting them to be so easy to use after 1 day of using them! -1 marker was rather dried out, but still seemed to work fine if blended with another colour. (the blue used on the wing feathers in the image was blended with the palest blue-purple colour available) -Physically the pens looked exactly as I expected them to, clean in a bag and in the colour I'd chosen. Looks professional. No damage. -Some colours weren't exactly the shade/hue on the lids, but from what I've seen of review videos that's not uncommon no matter what brand markers you get. Major down-side is that there's no colourless blender, I would have preferred a colourless blender instead of the black marker. Considering there's 79 other pens I'm able to use? Still worth it. Overall the issues I've raised are minor, and for the price, to me it's worth it. I even suggested these markers to a friend. Cheap, affordable, perfect for people wanting to start using markers but don't want to spend too much! Felt very good to use these markers, easy to use but difficult to master! Even with colouring just the attached drawing, i felt like I learned a lot with how to use them properly. (the purple underbelly was where I started, the Hair on the head was where I finished) Staff were helpful when I made an error during the order process and arranged for it to be resolved and responded within 24 hours of me contacting them!
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AsikDrone very Doubtful!

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Q: is there a colorless marker in here?

gefragt von venicelouiserom auf 2018-02-07 04:08:49

Benji I received this pack of 80 alcohol markers in April 2018, there was no Colourless Blender marker in this set. They are mainly colours of varying hue and saturation and shade.

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