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Kinka jou This receiver is rarely used on airplanes. Some people may use it. It can be equipped with FS-i6, but the receiver has only 3 channels,Airplanes usually have at least 4 channels or more, so see in your own choice

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Phildo Choosethe brake setting and then press enter. I think you have to press enter for each option not just once at the end.

Wildflieger 2020-07-19 14:39:29
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Phildo I made an adapter for the Gemfan 5030 prop by pushing a spare drive gear onto the prop shaft and using a 6mm length of Tygon fuel tubing over that to get a push fit for the prop. I also made a twin with counter rotating 5030 props by using a blue-white lead motor and a pusher prop

harshit14 2018-02-15 23:22:54
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