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Thor0001 20/11/2021
Design and first impressions It’s a pretty interesting question, the design itself here doesn’t even think it matters, but the function is the point. But one thing I can’t go by is that the product is very badly arranged in the box. Before unpacking, I noticed that the product was ringing, with every little part moving in it. (bolts, nuts, wrench). It would have fit in the space provided below. Although there is foil on the display and the solar cell, the moving parts, for example, are the key, it could even have been scratched. Test run It was a pretty interesting start. As a naive, I looked at the instructions for use exceptionally (I admit I don’t look at anything, but here I gave him a chance), unfortunately it was a shame, the description wasn’t clear, especially the removal of the little plastic protector. Nah but our test subject was an Opel Zafira A, after removing the plastics, the equipment could begin. Screw the nut onto the valve, using the key we have to pull it onto the sensor at the end this will prevent it from being stolen. Be careful, because if you leave, sawing the valve cap may come. When done everything could come from pairing the central unit with the valves. We wanted to do this in the car for the first time, but we didn’t manage to recognize all of the valves, so we grabbed and took the unit to the valve to see if it worked after a long push. After pairing, you can also set the units and alarm rates, minimum, maximum After a week we were lucky to experience the fault signal, the pressure in the rear wheel dropped and the device started to beep terribly, you can turn it off by turning off any button. Evaluation Overall, I am satisfied with the device, I dare to recommend it, which is mainly confirmed by the fact that the said test subject was my brother-in-law, who is not a rubber by the way. In conclusion, I would like to thank Banggood for submitting the product for testing. Youtube test link:
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caviar These are for led panels which are contains 3-4-5-x leds in serial, like in the led bulbs, but without the drivers. These are not for the constant 12/24V ledstrips!

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Q: Works in dji tello? tello baterry is 3.8v

gefragt von Kustella auf 2018-08-10 10:07:49

caviar this for 4s to 6s, 3.8V is 1s

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