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Q: can I use goggles with this, if so how please

gefragt von nastymartincooper auf 2020-11-26 06:34:29

enzsol115 Kedves Felhasználó. A Zino2 nem alkalmas FPV szemüvegre.

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enzsol115 Én is felhasználó vagyok. Nekem nem sikerült FPV eszközzel csatlakozni.

2020-11-21 12:33:30 Hilfreich (0)
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enzsol115 DJI rajongó! Fáj neki hogy van a DJI gépeknél sokkal jobb. Nem tud lényeges funkciót mondani ami jobb lehet ennél (EVO...).

farinhaalves 2020-07-02 15:16:44
1. Somehow I got the idea that the combo would provide 3 bateries, but in the end it brings just two (the drone has no battery on it), in the end, I would not have bought the combo if I got that precise information; 2. Afther the usual software updates and first play with the app, I did some flights preciselly where I fly my Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom and Phantom 4. 3. Now, my personal opinion on this drone is as follows: a. the battery is an improvement as it provides really 30 minutes time; b. no geofencing avoids losing preciois time trying to get the drone free from tokens and authorizations, no risk for loosing some footage because the drone is not allowed for take off; c. the transmission is worst than my Gopro Karma, sometimes the drone is around 200 meters and looses conection; it is very competent to return back, but it is absolutelly helpless to make any good fotage with confidence; d. it is absolutelly cumbersome in the air, it does not have a gracefull flight or atitude, meaning it is not as sophisticated as any of the Dji dornes mentioned above, even the Karma did have a gracefull flight; e. not understandable to a drone with this price tag, when it is in the air, even almost sotoped and you want to turn just a couple of degrees left or right, it will just go 30 ou 40 degrees without any reason; f. video and photo are more or less the same as the other drones, but my raw files have more distortion than, lets say, Mavic 2 Pro; All in all, if this drone is supposed to compete with DJI´s Mavics, it is a complete faillure, having just the flight time and lack of geofence as plus arguments. I really do not recommend this drone, for even the Mavic Pro or my old Phantom 4 are much sophisticated and reliable machines.
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Q: Does it work natively with PC?

gefragt von stipekalajzic auf 2020-10-20 08:46:24

enzsol115 According to the description, yes. A leírás szerint igen.

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Q: very expensive

gefragt von Lurdinha1985 auf 2020-02-18 01:57:52

enzsol115 Vegyél DJI az több, mint a duplája.....

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Q: what is the difference pro and beast modell?

gefragt von BG152511757 auf 2020-09-27 09:14:04

enzsol115 Among other things, the two-axis mechanical camera stabilizer. The third axis, on the other hand, is made stable by electronics. Therefore, the video is only made in 2K quality. Excellent value for money drone.

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Q: can you use an iPad wifi only to fly this drone?

gefragt von BG521154316 auf 2020-08-20 01:52:06

enzsol115 Igen. A szoftver kompatibilis. Csak a szélessége szab határt.

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