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Q: protected or unprotected?

gefragt von LucaDiSanto auf 2020-03-23 09:13:32

tgnjkl Theunits I receive are unprotected.

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Q: este aparelho mede consumo em kWh?

gefragt von josue auf 2018-11-28 07:19:50

tgnjkl Midecorrectamente en KWh, comprobado.

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Q: How many meters does it light?

gefragt von szajmon007 auf 2019-08-25 02:12:52

tgnjkl Tosee well and with a useful width, about 50m. It shines like a normal car headlight in power and width. But you can project the light to more than 500m, although having to use the zoom, the illuminated area is greatly reduced.

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tgnjkl Testedwhit Arduino nano at interior home. Works great, first start, need about 15 minutes to get enought satellitets, after in only 5 seconds it starts correctly, Great product at a cheap price. Probado con arduino nano en interiores, Primer arranque necesita de unos 15 minutos para obtener lecturas corrcetas, despues en solo 5 segundos ya arranca bien. Muy buen producto a muy buen precio.

tgnjkl 12/07/2019
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