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Q: Works in Lenovo Zuk Z2?

gefragt von PatrickMG auf 2018-06-29 12:04:17

alexandrupotirlau should work

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Q: How to add aromaterapia oil?

gefragt von marko0361 auf 2019-05-21 07:14:17

PatrickMG Yes work's

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Q: does it fit for mi band hex edition ?

gefragt von kannanbro auf 2018-04-12 04:31:02

PatrickMG I don't know

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Q: Works in iWork10 ?

gefragt von PatrickMG auf 2018-06-16 01:55:25

BG531053916 no

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Q: what does the sensor do exactly

gefragt von alwayswimo auf 2019-11-02 11:04:34

PatrickMG Exampleduring the clear day it goes out when the day goes by if it gets dark it will not catch light so it lights up ... another sensor is the movement sensor, if he realizes that the bike is stopping he turns off ... to activate again just tap or pass a hole

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Q: Is this compatible with nokia 6.1?

gefragt von ateliotos auf 2019-10-03 03:43:32

PatrickMG Yes,it works

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Q: how do i set up runtime?

gefragt von seszi3 auf 2019-09-27 03:10:36

PatrickMG Itshuts off when the tank is empty

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Q: Do i need an additional pressure pump ???

gefragt von hhm-7 auf 2019-09-10 03:36:56

PatrickMG Youcan use this product to check the tire pressure of your motorcycle, bike, car, truck or any product you need. Or to inflate tires or any product you need , in which case you will need a tire pump, air compressor or portable air compressor to connect to the product.

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Q: Is it possible to only sell the light holder ??

gefragt von Joao Gonçalves auf 2019-01-24 08:05:07

PatrickMG Contactcustomer service

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