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Q: where can i find so small 150mah 2s batteries? to get to the 85g auw?

gefragt von BG564532355 auf 2022-04-07 02:26:41

skipperx i use a 250 mah same batter u fly in the umx timber need for that hard to find battery ...i learned the hard way and paid big money and waited a month for the one they say to use .

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Q: where can i get spare propellers?

gefragt von BG564532355 auf 2021-12-12 01:34:53

maper utilisez les hélices king kong 65 mm elles sont de couleur orange. ça fonctionne j'ai testé.

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Q: works for fatshark attitude v2?

gefragt von BG564532355 auf 2021-03-09 05:26:21

Moutombo77 it should work, but i am not sure

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