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Q: the size of the flare? Thanks

gefragt von AndreA auf 2020-10-19 08:36:01

BG183217411 Check size chart, in my experience with this pants it it true to size

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Q: where i can find spare antennas?

gefragt von AndreA auf 2021-07-07 05:44:29

BG414119494 Many of these antenna spare parts are sold in Banggod or other websites

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AndreA WARNING: -the antenna plug IS NOT a IPEX4 but a MHF3-The RSSI channel is the 16th NOT the 12th. Is this a 14 channel rx or notjQuery1910011507548842074833_1629483290107?

AndreA 20/01/2021
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bock77 It is a UFL connector, you need the right lenght !!!

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AndreA Stessacosa! Piazzato su un Bat 136 con motori tyro. Se vuoi sfruttare al massimo la scheda puoi flashare con INAV usando il firmware in questo link

guglielmon 22/01/2021
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Q: Is it possible to do a tyro 79 swap

gefragt von BG571053834 auf 2021-02-04 04:17:08

AndreA Sure you can. I did it but it's on the heavy side, so you will use 4S and pitchy props

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