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Q: Is it come with EU plug to EU countries?

gefragt von Anett auf 2023-05-29 08:11:48

TensinHan I just want to know, if it is compatible with 220V... If it comes with EU plug, I will know that it is compatible, but if it comes with othet plug, that I won't know it is compatible... In the description it is stated that this is a 120V set, but in this Q&A section the seller stated that it works with 220V... What is the truth?

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Anett Sorry, I made a mistake, I mischanged it with my other order! So it has a reverse effect, we can make a DC output from the USB output ut to 12V at 12W...

Anett 10/12/2022
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Q: Is it compatible with iMars solar panels?

gefragt von Anett auf 2022-05-12 11:40:05

kwec7744 Notfamilar with iMars solar panels.

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