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mobiusnz 07/01/2021
Ok - Well its plugged in and Working. For the price its cheap so I didn't expect too much. 1st the option to configure via QR Code wouldn't work - The camera wouldn't read the generated QR Code from my iphone. I then configured it via its built in wifi Hotspot, that put it on the network but didn't add it to the App and then I couldn't add it because the passwords it suggested wouldn't work and there wasn't one written anywhere as it indicated so I decided to reset and start again. The reset button it suggested did nothing, eventually I found another reset button under the MicroSD slot cover and managed to reset it. This time I programmed it via the Audio option where the phone sends the data as audio and that worked and it worked in the app right away. The PTZ is very fast and its hard to rotate it small amounts, always moves too far. The picture is as expected, the audio seems ok and its built in speaker is loud and clear. Now I'm trying to add it via ONVIF to my Synology Nas security system - More issues but eventually I found in the app you can enable Onvif mode - Nothing else told me this but eventually I'm in. Now trying to see if I can get the PTZ working in the Synology software. Overall typical cheap chinese product in that the documentation is very poor and insufficient. If you just want to use it in the App hopefully you can get it to work after a bit of playing around and it does the job and its a good price. It feels cheaply made and I'd question how waterproof it really is.
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Q: Is there an iPhone App available?

gefragt von robertlach auf 2019-05-27 01:49:04

mobiusnz Yip- I'm using it with Iphone - Its called "Smartthermo2"

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