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SilverSnake 10/05/2022
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Q: is this a complete drone or only parts or modal

gefragt von Pranjal Mishra auf 2018-06-30 02:23:43

SilverSnake Completely READY to Fly

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Q: can it carry an all in one fpv camera ?

gefragt von BG234816141 auf 2021-04-20 12:10:12

SilverSnake Yes a very small light one. Up grade your motors if you want good flight performance!

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SilverSnake Your battery maybe actually dropping to a cut off voltage of 3.6 or lower at the moment it cuts off then recovers to 3.9 after a few moments. You may want to try and use a volt meter just to be sure thats what is happening while on the ground with a battery close to 3.9 to see if it dose a cut off on you. You have me curious to see what mine is cutting off at if its the same thing. If you dont want to separate your fuse just snip your tail wheel off or splitting your fuse is a good idea if you plan on using your tail wheel later.

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SilverSnake Try your Father's phone or contact customer service.

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