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Q: What is the programming instructions for the ESC?

gefragt von godfella691981 auf 2019-10-07 06:34:39

BG332191333 The best option for that, is to chuck out manual for Feyuie 03 brushless version.

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godfella691981 The ESC in this Kit is NOT 40amp. I found this out by trying to find a manual for it so I could program it. The ESC is actually a Hobbywing EZRUN 18AMP knock off. I ordered one of the FY-05 brushless and the ESC burnt up on 2s lipo. Once I did investigation I found out its only 18amps. do yourself a favor and pick up a cheap 2838 brushless motor and 60amp ESC from Banggood or Amazon it will suit you better. The servo you can find also on Banggood by searching "3 wire servo upgrade wltoys 12428"

sastojci 19/11/2019
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Q: Does anyone have programming instructions for the ESC?

gefragt von godfella691981 auf 2019-10-07 06:58:24

Backcour no.

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Q: This one includes metal gears and axes?

gefragt von thomas auf 2019-07-29 04:49:03

godfella691981 No, You need to buy the KIT comes with metal gears

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Q: Türkiye'ye kaç günde gönderiyorsunuz ?

gefragt von emre7622 auf 2019-08-07 08:22:04

godfella691981 BangGood'tan bilgi almanız gerekir

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Q: What is the length of this shock absorber?

gefragt von Sandvad86 auf 2019-07-04 05:56:42

godfella691981 Theyare approximately 100mm end to end uncompressed. The diameter is 13mm. You can use 1/10 scale shocks on the 12428 as long as they are 100mm and not to large in diameter. There are also metal internal spring shocks available. Remember to put oil in any shock you buy for the 12428 I would use no more then 40wt

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Q: Can these be used for both the front and the rear shocks?

gefragt von JimmyBaB auf 2018-11-18 08:37:23

godfella691981 No. The rear ones are MUCH longer

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