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Q: can you send me an user manual, in english?

gefragt von ZoltánSzabó auf 2024-05-30 11:18:08

tazSLO Is there anything else that you can do, except turn on or off? :)

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Q: Where do I find the pen tips to buy?

gefragt von BG164518331 auf 2022-03-26 11:11:13

tazSLO Aliexpress 😂 Search for Vson pen tip. They are not specificly for this brand, but they look the same, check with seller before ordering.

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Q: Does this comes with motor pulley?

gefragt von BG035154133 auf 2021-12-01 06:30:35

tazSLO No, you need to buy them separately.

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tazSLO Don't worry, the rgb backlit is crap. It's really dim and it's just going trough colors. I didn't find a program for setting it or turning it off. You are not missing anything. :)

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Q: Does it fit Convoy S3?

gefragt von tilen.basin auf 2019-03-02 04:34:27

Rastigo Yes it will fit since the difference between the S2+ and S3 is the metal bezel on head. size is same as S2+. it even works wonderful with the c8 or c8+

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Q: Can this unit support low latency? Aptx?

gefragt von ottov auf 2021-10-10 04:29:45

tazSLO I tried it on my electric drumm set and use bt headphones and there was a huge deelay.

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