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BG122143361 Neither of the two microphones (soft and hard) included in the box has a switch. The only led that stays on while the Intercom operates, is the blue led that flashes rather slowly. The only way to turn off the blue led is to shut down the Intercom by the on-off switch I suppose.

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Q: How to connect two BT devices (phone and GPS)

gefragt von Bazz63 auf 2022-02-21 08:03:21

BG122143361 There are two ways to pair, 1) Press simultaneously the Multi-function and the Power on-off buttons of both Intercoms and hold for about 4 seconds until the Leds flash red and blue, then you release the buttons and short press the button that has BT imprinted on it, of either one Intercom and they will pair. 2) Press and hold the BT button on both Intercoms until the Leds flash red and blue, release the BT buttons and then short press the BT button again, of either one Intercom and they will pair. To pair a Phone or GPS you follow the first method (1), and when the Leds start flashing red and blue you search for HYSNOX in the Bluetooth devices that are recognized by your Phone, GPS etc , select HYSNOX in your Phone and click on Pair.

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BG122143361 One Intercom in each box. You have to buy a second one for your passenger. I received 2 boxes, each box containing one Hysnox HY-02 Intercom.

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BG122143361 11/04/2022
This is an excellent Bluetooth Intercom with multiple functions, not all as useful; to me at least. Pros: Large battery capacity giving Intercom a very long working time (well over 20h), very simple and quick pairing with second Intercom and Phone, very easy to find function buttons wearing (winter) gloves, excellent sound quality, very easy to increase or reduce Sound Volume while riding, easy to remove from its mounting base e.x. for charging or storing, quite simple installation in my Arai and Shoei helmets (Shoei had some issues concerning the helmet not Hysnox), good construction and material quality. Cons: Bulky(!), it protrudes significantly from the side of the helmet (see photos), sometimes if there is loud external noise it cuts out not only the noise but the voice of your fellow rider as well (not often but has occurred), it was not possible to pair Hysnox with my old (other brand) BT Intercom, the mounting base does not hold the Intercom firmly so if you accidentally hit the Intercom with your hand, it can pop out of its mount (I doubt if this could happen while riding high speed since it should be hit from beneath and with grater force than the wind while riding), the flexible Mic has no sponge cover, so there is considerable noise from the wind coming in from the chin area or if you have your helmet's visor open or half open. I will certainly make a sponge cover to reduce wind noise, which gets really annoying in long windy rides. All in all Hysnox HY-02 is a good quality, for its price Intercom, doing more than you'll ever need from an Intercom, with capabilities found in Intercoms costing more than triple its price. The issues I mention above, I consider minor and do not affect its excellent function as an Intercom.
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