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kgiann1991 γεια σας, απο μπαταρία και γενικά απόδοση είσαστε happy ? euxaristw

BG361741383 10/12/2021
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Lothar I can't say anything about Alexa, but I use the sensor with the Mi Smart Home Hub (ZNDMWG02LM) SKU: YTC4044GL with the China Mainland setting and so far it works fine.

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Q: alexa fails to contol the light. any tips? thank you in advance

gefragt von kgiann1991 auf 2020-10-27 11:01:49

PupZi Hi There No not so fare - but you can change the firmware. https : "slash,slash" templates. blakadder. com "slash" blitzwolf_BW-FUN3. html (remove spaces) This one is more stable with alexa and mqtt or even http requests. cheers :-)

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