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Q: When are they in stock again?

gefragt von pippolotte auf 2017-12-28 09:29:37

BG351738321 Please contact the customer support.

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Q: Why the price hike from 193 Euro to 263 Euro in one day? (70 Euro more!)

gefragt von pippolotte auf 2018-01-09 12:18:14

TonyAlbus Lookslike the promotion is over..

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Q: Could you add the "DSLogic plus" to your store?

gefragt von pippolotte auf 2018-03-02 06:13:01

Glitter will add it soon

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Q: Does it detect X-ray radiation? as is advertised as "DOSIMETER"

gefragt von Isabelbang auf 2018-11-16 11:13:10

pippolotte No. it does not detect X-ray radiation. Look for a Geiger counter if you want to detect X-rays.

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