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StrMks If you have done the correct connections yes.

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BG413217152 Isthe screen responsive? Does it play smoothly 4k movies or at least all 1080P all codecs?

BG155011336 05/04/2023
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Q: Can the spoken language from the assistant be changed to English?

gefragt von BG413217152 auf 2023-03-09 02:43:41

BigDan101 Read the description on bangood abt the play button I've ordered some so I'll post more if I run in to your problems

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Q: 5.7"LCD Screen? Where is it?

gefragt von BG413217152 auf 2022-06-29 03:57:24

lauricio não compre este projetor ,veio com defeito !! vazamento de luz!!! estão fazendo de tudo pra não efetuar a troca!!!!

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