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Q: How do I get the "Email-Only" price?

gefragt von fredrock auf 2021-10-18 11:01:45

Macallister WQ Scooter has promotion price now at CZ Warehouse Item Link bgPL30NOV03 promo code for 219usd price

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Q: Where does the RJ45 plug in? Don't see it in the pictures.

gefragt von fredrock auf 2023-06-14 06:28:14

The seller The monitoring camera has an RJ45 cable interface, but the picture is not shown, you can refer to the last picture on the details page

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The seller You can go to this topic to check if this phone can be used in your country. For US region Compatible Carrier: T-mobile,Sprinting,CTExcel,FreedomPop,Boost Mobile,Verizon Wireless,U.S.Cellular etc. Not compatible: Verizon,AT&T CRICKET,GCI.

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Q: How can we use the temperature cables ?

gefragt von Tajeddine auf 2021-12-07 12:23:28

fredrock Plug them into the two sockets on the bottom right of the meter. Move the selector knob all the way to the right - ℃ ℉ then the select button will toggle between C and F

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fredrock 11/05/2018
It's stylish and thin. I bought a 606090 battery to fit it for about $9.00 US from another site. I tested the battery, the light panel and solar panel which is when I found that the solar panel was defective. I soldered leads to it, connected it to a meter and held it to a very (very) bright light and it didn't show any voltage at all. I de-soldered it and resoldered it to the other two pads on the panel with the same result. Big Clive takes things like this apart on YouTube and offers reviews and he did an almost identical unit with a similar Solar Panel finding fault with it because it's so thin and readily cracked. In my case it must have cracked during shipping or prior to it - OR, it was defective before it was released. I sent my result to the customer service dept but more on that later. I went ahead and assembled the unit without connecting the solar panel and tested it. The LED and the LED panel work just fine. The charging circuitry seems to work just fine. The single LED seems to be on the violet scale, useful for illuminating fluorescent paint or perhaps stains in a hotel. I like it and another power bank kit I have from China has that same feature. It's cool. The USB ports on the device seem to drop to roughly 4.9 volts and each delivers up to 1.2 amps or so when trying to charge my phone. It's adequate and for the price, it's just fine. Customer service doesn't necessarily live up to the western expectations we have with Amaz.. or Eb.. but I try to keep in mind that we're dealing with a company that ships to probably more than a dozen countries with at least as many languages. That's gotta be tough, especially with the prices. When there is a customer service issue as noted above, they request UPC and shipping labels in a photo and also, "kindly" request a video be made describing the problem. If they had to hire 2000 translators with a technical background, the prices of this stuff would double at LEAST. It's a nice little kit and works pretty well. The solar panel in this would be neato but it is definitely not a deal breaker and spending 2 hours taking it back apart to document the malfunction, video tape it and post it isn't worth it for Banggood or for me.
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fredrock 17/05/2019
Wow and YES! It arrived in about 3 weeks. This Digoo BB-T1 trimmer is AMAZING. I was skeptical but I just trimmed three inches of hair off my head in fifteen minutes or so. The trimmer plowed right through, cutting evenly and cleanly. It never jammed or even slowed down very much at all. It's very quiet and feels solidly made. I like it much better than the Wahl clippers I have had in the past. The built in charging circuit provides roughly between 600 and 380 mAh of charging and cuts off when charged. I, however, will continue to use my Nitecore charger to charge the removable and protected 18650 battery but in a pinch, it's really nice to know the built in charger provides protection and a very capable charging circuit. After a full haircut, the battery only dropped to about 4.10 volts from 4.20 which says to me it's probably enough juice for even a more challenging head of hair (my hair is Very fine but full) The provided charging cable is proprietary on one end and is a standard USB plug at the other which will fit into a computer or a phone charging adapter or power bank. I measured the battery capacity at almost 1300 mAh which is a little better than the battery's rating. Nothing wrong with that and it will change after a couple of cycles. Cons - I wish the battery bay was compatible with the more common "flat top" batteries and also, because there is a charging circuit, I think the battery bay should be ventilated - just in case. The charging circuit does however provide charging protection, I tested it on a full non protected battery. I'm very happy with this trimmer. I would order another as a backup but the price doubled. It's still worth it but I'll wait.
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fredrock For mine user name is admin and the password is dg20160404 The port is 80 or 554 for rstp depending on the program.

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Q: How do you adjust the screen brightness?

gefragt von kbeecroft auf 2020-04-03 11:14:30

fredrock I haven't found any brightness adjustment on mine. I am not able to see the screen in sunlight.

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Q: hw much battery and software

gefragt von saimanisrikrish auf 2019-11-23 10:05:38

fredrock The battery will last about a week on a full charge if "Screen on upon raising" is turned off.

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Q: É compatível com celulares android

gefragt von sandrajuliapat auf 2019-12-10 07:19:59

fredrock Yes. The app is called Lefun Health.

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Q: hmhow to switch on the smartwatch watch for first time

gefragt von Abhiramrl auf 2019-12-11 03:57:53

fredrock Charge it fully first and then touch the bottom center of the screen for a few seconds.

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