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Q: what bench thickness do you recommend for these

gefragt von BG243541895 auf 2022-02-24 01:27:11

Wesley166 HiI use my clamps on a 18mm MFT3 style bench, if you use a thicker top you will not be able to use normal rail type clamps.I have used my clamps for a while now and at first they where very good giving an excellent clamping force. I am finding now that the clamping force seems to have reduced as I have to move the clamping lever further than before. I think this is because if you use the clamp in the same dog hole a lot it makes the dog hole slightly bigger and so the clamp does not grip as well.With this experience in mind I don’t think I would buy any more of these clamps, just stay with the rail clamps. Further to the above the reason for the reducing clamping pressure may be that the Allen screw holding the head of the clamp to the shaft was loose. In fact the head came off in my hand. The Allen screw when tightened securely allows the clamp to work ok.

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Q: Why a textured shaft? Isn't that going to cause more wear

gefragt von BG111004413 auf 2022-01-23 12:01:46

BG492552502 HiTo answer your question the clamp is designed for MFT style benches which have a top made of MDF and is usually 18mm thick. The clamp works by being forced against the sides of the dog hole by the downward force exerted on the work piece. Because the hole is only 18mm deep and MDF is relatively soft a plain shaft would not have enough friction and would slip in the hole. The original carpenters hold fast had a plain shaft but usually was fitted into a hole 50 mm deep in a bench made from a hard timber. To answer the second part of your question, yes the textured shaft will cause some wear to the dog hole. This will occur at the top and bottom edges of the dog hole as the clamp is forced against the sides of the hole. Inserting and removing the clamp will also cause some wear as the shaft acts as a reamer. This will probably not be too detrimental to the operation of the dog hole. Hope this explains how these clamps work and why they are made this way.

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Q: Does those clamps fit into BOSCH FSN rails? BOSCH BLUE Professional

gefragt von Jochen auf 2021-12-04 10:08:23

BG492552502 Hi jochen My rails are Makita so I do not know the answer to your question. My answer to a similar question about the Lidl rails may be of help.

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Q: Do the clamps fit into a Lidl track?

gefragt von acb2713 auf 2021-11-24 10:00:34

BG492552502 Hi Sorry I cannot answer your question directly as I have a Makita rail. However if you look on U Tube at 10 minute workshop hosted by Peter Millard he may have the answer. Peter has done a lot of work about the compatibility of different guide rails and may have an informative video. He is always a good watch. Best regards

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