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zechicau Very poor quality. I bought 2, one as a spare. Installed one, and it worked for only a couple of months. Then I replaced it with the spare one and it also worked also less than 2 months. Always in Mode 1, no user intervention. The problem is not on the led, but eventually on the battery or the charging electronics. Note: I presented a complaint when the 1st one failed, and I quickly got a partial refund from Banggood.

zechicau 22/09/2021
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BG571864134 SOS = Save Our Souls it's the international signal of distress. When you press that on your remote control the blinking light should send an SOS, Moris code 'three long: three short: three long', hopefully neighbors, people passing, police or fire personnel will react to get you help.

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Q: Does anyone know where to find an english manual?

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