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Lauland maybe the gyro is not sticking to the surface loose gyro can be cause an issue, Trying a new 3m Sticky Tape may help the vibration.

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Leão Bicalho I had a lot of trouble adjusting and understanding the CG of this plane. My biggest mistake was using a 3S battery, the recommended weight for the 4S is 70 grams, this difference changes the entire CG of the plane, making it very difficult. So I compensated the weight of 70 grams (3S to 4S) on the plane's nozzle, behind the engine, with this I was able to use the 3S batteries without any CG problem. Very stable and pleasant flight.

Leão Bicalho 08/01/2021
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Q: quale è la differenza tra kit e PNP?

gefragt von gianpaolodeluca auf 2020-12-25 02:56:18

Leão Bicalho Kit no have eletronic parts! PNP has motor, servos and ESC!!

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