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Q: it is compatibe to 1306 motors?

gefragt von bimboy auf 2022-01-24 04:14:52

FPVA I've seen bursts up to 33A. Should work fine.

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FPVA@n4tthi I mistakenly put it on a vbat positive out pad, ran 3s through it for like 10 minutes trying to figure out why my goggles werent picking up signal before I realized this. Soldered to 5v pad, 0 issues. So over voltage protection rather than inverted voltage protection I guess

FPVA 28/05/2021
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FPVA De-solderas they are basically pipes. Pre-tinned wires can run through if you do one at a time.

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Q: why dont have arms to buy? spare parts?

gefragt von Matinik_ auf 2021-10-31 03:51:00

FPVA Spare arms in 2 pack available from iFlight-rc website directly as well as other spares. If you want to go the Banggood route, you'll need to buy a whole new frame. I doubt if you'll need it on this version, this thing is a tank.

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FPVA Yes it does support 30x30 (m3 holes), 25x25 (m2 holes) and 20x20 (m3 holes) and the Mamba F722 APP is a GREAT choice.FYI the top plate m2 mounting holes are 20x20mm

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Q: Is it ready for 3D ? To use with my old stereo Cam

gefragt von Niebeamter auf 2020-12-29 09:18:35

FPVA Accordingto this article, no, they are not. Just google thedronegirl 3d fpv goggles why are they so hard to come by

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