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William 2020-09-07 04:41:31
Ok my first ever review on banggood! I have bought a number of items over the years torches phones other bits and never felt the need to write a review. However this torch is seriously worth a review. I am a flashaholic a 10 year member of CPF and a member of BLF. I have at least 30 good torches including the BLF GT (scared of the dark) anyway I digress.... So what to say about this torch (flashlight for my colonial cousins) It is simply freaking awesome! This has the most bang for your buck of any flashlight I have ever owned. It is not an EDC . But it is nice and compact and would be ideal for a policeman or security officer on a belt. When set up it has a green led illuminating the switch on the side of the head. Turn it on and it has a nice low powered output to open a door-lock or walk the dog at night. Press and hold and it gets progressively brighter. Double tap the switch twice fast and it enters turbo bright mode. It is a fabulous thrower with a great spill of light. I live in the countryside and my home backs onto a field I can illuminate trees 600m away easily. For £26 pounds this is amazing. I have torches around £100 that this matches if not beats on light output and quality of build. Go large or go home treat it to a 26650 battery, although it will run smaller with the internal adapter tube. I attach 1 photo next to a can of beer so you can judge dimensions. It is not going onto your pocket but in a belt holster it is ideal. You will not be disappointed. Stop reading and get buying before they increase the price. !!
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